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Equipment Repair

Servicing & Repair
Dimmer not working? Amplifier given up the ghost?
Do you have a piece of equipment that needs a service?
All repairs come with a 3 month warranty. We charge £35 per hour to repair your equipment. For all faults we will evaluate before proceeding with the repair. We will call you with our findings (and provide you with a quote before any work is carried out) and you can then decide whether to proceed with the repair or not.

(i.e total charge for the repair, excluding Parts+return carriage = £35+VAT)
We have a dedicated repair workshop (in the process of being updated and enlarged).
Our fully trained technical staff has experience repairing a wide range of equipment.
We also carry a large range of parts in stock.

PAT testing of equipment
We are qualified to carry out a portable appliance test (PAT Test) on all your equipment. We can either carry out the test at your premises, but we prefer to have the equipment at our workshops where we have all the necessary spares and tools.
Service and PAT test on an item Includes:

• Dust the item
• Clean the lenses and reflector (if appropriate).
• Inspect the plug, cable, lampholder and cable grips.
• PAT test the item, testing the earth continuity and the insulation resistance.
• We will turn on the item, checking that the current consumption is correct and that there is no earth leakage.
• We will give your equipment a unique number, and fix a self-adhesive pass label to the item.
• We will note all the results and give you a copy with a certificate of testing.
In the event of an item failing the test, minor necessary repairs will be carried out immediately, small stock items such as nuts, washers or earth crimps will be supplied free of charge. Larger items like plugs, new cable or cable glands will be fitted and charged for. The item will then be retested free of charge. If the failed item requires a more expensive item like a bulb, lampholder or lens, we will contact you with a price before proceeding.
Please contact us for a quote.

The price per item varies. This depends on; where the items are to be tested (on site or at our workshops); the number of units to be tested; whether we have to collect and return the equipment and if so, the distance involved; and whether the items are hung, and need to be re-hung afterwards.

Price per item is approx. £2.00 / £3.00
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